Attach a Hatband and Bow to Sit Flat Against a Hat – Tutorial

Before you start to attach a hatband and bow to your hat, make sure that your hat is clean. To learn how to clean your hat, click - Clean and Buff a Felt Hat - Photographic 5 Step Process After cleaning your hat you may find a dent or weak area in your hat. To learn how [continue reading.....]

Dent Removal – Repair a Hat – Felt Bowler – 12 Step Process

Introduction Before you start the dent removal 12 Step Tutorial, make sure that you have removed any excess dust from your hats' surface. To learn how to remove the dust from your hat, please visit..... How to Clean and Buff A Fur Felt Hat. Take Caution There are a few important factors that should be followed with caution when learning [continue reading.....]

Clean and Buff a Felt Hat – Photographic 5 Step Process

Make sure that you have a genuine fur felt before you start to clean and buff your hat. Do not use this 5 step technique on an imitation fur felt hat. Imitation fur felt hats are made with a cardboard base and their fibers are spray glued to the base. This process will remove the fake fur fibers. After cleaning [continue reading.....]

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